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How to Recruit the Right Hair Dressers For Your Hair Salon

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The inability to find great and long lasting hairdressers is often a hair salon owner's biggest complaint. Hairdressers tend to be their own boss, and as independent contractors can choose to come and go how they please if they are not bound to a proper chair rental agreement. However, just because recruiting great hairdressers can be difficult, doesn’t mean you should give up all hope. It simply means that as a hair salon owner you need to be tenacious and smart when searching for the right hair salon hairdressers.

Field Recruiting

  • Other Hair Salons
    Other hair salons are a great place to find good hairdressers for your hair salon. These individuals will already be experienced and may be looking for new place to do business in due to current poor management or high chair fees.
  • Other Businesses
    Although your hairdressers will most likely come from other hair salons, you can always look at other businesses when looking for a hair salon manager or receptionist. Spas around the area may also provide you with great massage therapists or aestheticians should you decide to provide a spa.

Internet Recruiting

  • Placing Internet Ads
    In addition to finding great hairdressers in other hair salons, you can also find great hairdressers through Internet ads. By posting the right “help wanted” content in the right places you are more likely to attract the right attention from great hairdressers. Consider posting in higher profile classifieds with strict requirements to reduce the amount of unqualified candidates.
  • Posting on Your Hair Salon's Website
    Your hair salon's website is a great business tool benefiting you with both marketing and hiring alike. Your hair salon's website should always be receiving traffic from potential clients and regulars alike, and by posting your hair salon's open positions on your website you might draw the attention of a fan whom would also make a great hairdresser. Clients will also advertise the position through word-of-mouth.

Offering incentives in your hair salon like lower chair rental fees or flexible chair rental agreements are some other more traditional ways to draw qualified hairdressers. Because hairdressers are usually independent contractors, it may make them a little more difficult to recruit and maintain. However if you offer the environment they are seeking with the right chair rental fees or percentage fee, they will be more inclined to work in your hair salon. Finding the right hairdresser just takes dedication and smart marketing, and as a hair salon owner, you should already have a knack for those things.

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