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Using Employee Checklists in Your Hair Salon

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A hair salon requires a lot of tools and equipment to effectively maintain operations, and comes with the responsibility of keeping it all clean at all times. Keeping a hair salon clean is never an option, only a must. To help you keep your hair salon clean at all times, consider implementing certain rules and procedures through employee checklists to keep you and your hair salon’s staff on the right track.

Employee Cleaning Checklists

Well-written and detailed employee cleaning checklists will help you train all your hair salon's employees on proper cleaning, and will help your hair salon's employees maintain hair salon cleanliness. By looking at your hair salon’s checklist, you will be able to tell who has cleaned what, and will also be able to note on what day and at what time your hair salon's different areas were cleaned. You should make a daily, weekly, and monthly checklist for each area, and for the different pieces of equipment in your hair salon, as each space and item has different needs:

  • Daily Cleaning Checklists
    Daily checklists are for the items that are used regularly and extensively at your hair salon, and also for high traffic areas. Styling tools, hair washing sinks, styling chairs, and counter tops all fall under these checklists, and need to be maintained daily to perform at their best, to not spread disease, and to ensure the best quality of service to your hair salon’s customers.
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklists
    Weekly checklists should be used for items that experience moderate traffic, but rarely come into contact with hair or bodily fluids. Items such as your inventory space, front counter baseboards, and waiting area should have a deep clean once a week. Cleaning these weekly will ensure that your hair salon will remain clean, and that it will not acquire residual build-up in corners and on surfaces.
  • Monthly Cleaning Checklists
    Not all hair salons have equipment that should only be cleaned monthly, but your washers and dryers should be cleaned on a monthly basis. During this time, you should clean the outside of the equipment and also check the belts and other components for any wear and tear.

If you notice that a piece of your hair salon’s equipment, or that an area of your hair salon needs to be cleaned prior to its cleaning date, take care of it ahead of time, and train your staff to do so as well. Waiting to clean a part of your hair salon solely because its cleaning date is later on that week will only negatively impact your hair salon's overall cleanliness. You always want your hair salon to looks its best so make sure that your hair salon's employees are always cleaning it from top to bottom. Never feel shy to remind your employees that “if they have time to lean, they have time to clean.” It's an effective slogan that keeps your employee's active and your hair salon spotless.

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